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Lena Maint Processes

Utilizing a CMMS reduces the probability of malfunctions of your assets and equipment up to six times, but it is impossible to prevent malfunctions completely. The instantaneous maintenance process of an enterprise using CMMS, which receives outsourced services, is as follows:

Work Request

When a breakdown occurs, the operator enters the work request in the system.

When creating a work request, the operator speeds up the intervention by adding a photograph, video, or notes to the form.

Customize forms by adding action-triggering questions that measure risks and dangers. Create safe workplaces.

Using the preventive maintenance method allows to improve occupational safety by 50%.

Work Order

The manager examines the request and converts it into a work order.

Avoid disruptions and file loss non-digital work order processes caused.

Determining the Service Provider

It is determined whether the work will be carried out by internal maintenance teams or by external contractors.

Speed ​​up the process by managing your communication with suppliers and contractors on a single platform.

Assign the task to contracted contractors or select a different one by receiving offers from subcontractors. Keep track of all agreements and contracts. Manage approval or rejection processes at every stage.

Completion of Service

The assigned contractor provides the service and completes the task.

Keep on track of service progress and quality with KPI metrics. Record your information by scoring the contractor.

Work with multiple subcontractors while managing large projects and easily control all processes.

Calculate your financial expenses by assigning budgets to tasks.

Payment and Invoicing

When the task is completed, a payment order is issued, the payment invoices and the documents are stored in CMMS.

Viewing the budget and task completion percentage allows you to use the partial progress payment system.

Payment orders are easily integrated with SAP, CRM, ERP so that you won't deal with information flow disruptions.


Reports, documents, and task scores are analyzed and used in improvements to create insights for future work orders.

Customize all reports and analytics for your business goals.

Order the data you want to be sent at regular intervals.


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Work Order Management
Eliminate wasting time in complex work order processes by simplifying your entire work order process, from the request creation stage to the service request completion.

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