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Maintenance Management Beyond Your Expectations

Ease of Implementing Different Scenarios on a Single Platform

By planning scenarios, instantly adapt to the flow changes in maintenance and work order processes. Do not fall behind internal and industrial developments.

Flexible Flow Plans

Lena Maint allows you to customize the flows of breakdown and maintenance processes easily. When working with contractors, you don't need to follow the same steps you follow with in-house teams. Manage multiple processes on a single platform.

Avoid disruptions of information flow caused by using different platforms for the management of various departments and units.

Organize processes according to failure types, speed up the flow of response for dangerous breakdowns or increase the health and safety of work by adding a pre-use inspection step.

Process Improvement Support

Make it easy to plan how maintenance teams or individuals are best allocated to their duties.

Plan scenarios to adapt to environmental changes, customer behavior changes, or asset downtime.


#1 platform to help you digitize, scale and manage maintanence processes

Work Order Management
Eliminate wasting time in complex work order processes by simplifying your entire work order process, from the request creation stage to the service request completion.

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Easily manage your requests with Maint's mobile applications.