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This is what we’re crazy about, and we’re looking for the ones who feel the same.

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We are a funded startup with a bootstrap mentality, and we really value our talented team. What's that mean for you?

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Learning is a lifestyle. We want you to have every opportunity to stay fresh and up to date on the trends and technologies in our industry.

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We've got awesome medical insurance with broad personal coverage, plus offer free gym memberships to help you stay vibrant.

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UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Designer

We are looking for candidates with the following skills who will take an active role in the UX / UI development of the software products we develop.

General Application
General Application

We are looking for candidates with the following basic skills. Candidate will take an active role in our software projects and in the development of software products we are working on.


About Lena Software

Founded in 2001, Lena Software is a global solution provider which enables organizations to put technology at the heart of their transformation by building disruptive software products. With the passion of turning ideas into high tech eco-systems that deliver outstanding values, Lena Software aims to make a difference for everyone; including businesses, suppliers, partners as well as the end customers.

Lena Software has got high range of know-how & hands-on experience almost in every aspect of IT world, including Hardware, Embedded Software, Web, Mobile, Big Data, Data Analytics, Complex Event Processing, Real-Time Video Streaming, Performance/Load Balancing technologies utilized for unique business needs of our customers

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