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Digital transformation is developing day by day. Businesses that seek to get ahead of the competition are rapidly adapting to this transformation. Regardless of industry or the size of the company, they recognise the need for an approach that combines the latest technology with products and services that raise the bar. 
Businesses aiming to achieve excellence must have full control over their assets, tasks, workforce and units. To best support companies that want to perform to optimum levels, Lena Field is introducing three new features to improve unit audits and increase productivity of field employees.

Improved Answering Methods

With the June releases, the number of audit questions is increased to 19 and becomes more detailed than ever. New answering methods allow users to classify audits according to particular questions to easily access the most relevant data at any point.
Making questions more understandable and straightforward shortens the time your field inspectors spend answering them. 

Work Plan Scheduling

When it comes to field employees, anybody's first thought would be traffic and the state of the roads. Incorrect planning of travel-time can cause significant delays and damage the reputation of your business. 
To counter that, we’ve developed the "work plan scheduling" to help make travel time more efficient. Field inspectors can turn their assigned tasks into routes on a daily or weekly basis. You can easily view these routes and track your employees location at any time.

Customizable Mail and Print Templates

Field inspectors are usually required to share the forms they fill out either by e-mail or printing them out. Often the format of the documents creates difficulties in reading and analysing them. 
Lena Field allows you to set your reporting template according to its sharing format. Inspectors simply choose the most suitable format for their tasks.
These are Field’s monthly updates for you. To learn more about Lena Field check out our latest blog.

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