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How to Use Field Service Software to Boost Employee Productivity

There is an abundance of impressive technology available to help businesses to improve their processes and save money and one very good example of tech solutions delivering great results is field service software. When staff are working in the field, the collection of the necessary data can be time-consuming and the task of collating all the data together can feel endless.

For any company that performs routine field assessments, field service software with audit management capability can drive major improvements. The software is able to provide managers with many benefits, including faster audits and the instant availability of data.

Stores that are using the traditional field service and audit methods such as manually recording data in excel spreadsheets are missing out on the efficiencies that audit software could bring to the company.

Some of the benefits of adopting digital field service solutions include:

What impact does digital field service software have on productivity?

In addition to allowing field service staff to complete their operations faster, it frees them up from the laborious tasks such as typing up reports and other manual work. It also drives greater accuracy and streamlines the field service process right across the business. Field service staff who have manual tasks reduced from their workload generally feel happier about their role, and are therefore more motivated to do their work and produce higher levels of productivity.

Implementing field service software enables the management teams to spend more time on delivering business strategies that result in greater productivity and higher quality. For example, instead of spending hours putting reports together, they can spend more time on employee development, coaching store managers etc.

Having the availability of powerful data tools that show visual trends enables managers to troubleshoot issues faster and introduce changes where necessary. They can also have more confidence in the decisions they make because the data they are using is more accurate and therefore the changes they make have more potential to be successful.

District managers are able to spend more time investigating the issues that affect profits/productivity. They can use data to decide whether more in-store training is required, or whether staff resources are being used in the most efficient way. Monitoring of store performance becomes easier and snapshots of performance enable DMs or store managers to take action as soon as a trend emerges, which is more cost-effective than applying the action at a later date.

Using digital solutions for field service also enables the collation of more data, providing more information to build decisions around. It also removes the possibility of paperwork going missing, as all the data collected will be stored to the digital platform and can be accessed from anywhere. Human errors are also less likely to occur, as there is more time to complete the field service operations and less pressure to race through it quickly.

Field Service software and compliance  

The utilization of software for field service also provides evidence of compliance, through comprehensive audit trails that can be produced in the event of a compliance investigation. This is much easier than trying to gather different bits of paperwork when requested for compliance evidence.

Lena Field field service software is revolutionizing the way that field service operations are performed and how effectively the data is used. Any businesses that want to leverage cost savings and work more productively should be exploring how they can benefit from digital solutions.

If you would like to find out more about Lena Field field service works, email us for more information at [email protected]


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