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Absolutely nobody wants to be in the crosshairs of an environmental disaster. The world is still hyper-conscious of incidents such as the 2021 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
The vast majority of incidents, whether small or large, can be mitigated by planned maintenance. The Oil & Gas industry faces many challenges. This includes keeping track of when and how to perform maintenance. This applies whether your focus is electricity generation or raw production.
Keep reading to find out how a CMMS can alleviate your maintenance stress.
What Is a CMMS?
A CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System helps organizations keep track of maintenance schedules and improves productivity.
Not only are you able to create and monitor KPIs in the field, but you can also have a birds-eye view of your entire organization. Whether on a laptop or a tablet, the functionality is generally the same.
While a CMMS can be used to manage almost every aspect of your operation, there are a few key advantages. We have some of the benefits of a CMMS below.
Preventative Maintenance
It is crucial to maintain a preventative and planned maintenance program to help reduce operational costs. Anything else invites unplanned interruptions which have a direct impact on production figures.
It's no longer possible to rely on a manual, paper-based system to track maintenance. When your workforce is distracted by issues at your facilities, you lose valuable time and incur greater costs. Maintenance Software takes over all these functions for you.
Asset Management
At one time or another, we have all seen the impact of lost, misfiled, or simply untracked assets. As with other aspects of your organization, these need to be properly tracked and controlled in order to be effective.
CMMS software works with supervisors to keep track of important documentation. This might include SOPs, manuals, and schematics.
Work Order Management
The modular nature of a good CMMS means that bringing in functionality to manage work orders is simple. Once in place, the system can automatically generate work orders based on set criteria as well as produce them on demand.
One of the more significant challenges to proper work order management involves tracking interdependencies and relationships. Manually tracking which piece of equipment has a parent/child relationship and is therefore critical is almost impossible.
Safety Tracking
Employee safety is of paramount importance. Likewise, keeping track of any incidents, accidents, and safety findings is critical to business operations.
Using a CMMS, you are able to manage internal documentation and monitor employee and environmental safety automatically. Reports and dashboards help you to make executive decisions and select safety-relevant topics for discussion and action.
Control Costs
With increasingly small margins due to market slumps, it's critical that you get a handle on your operational costs. This is easily achieved through constant monitoring and reporting.
Make use of the CMMS dashboards and reports to have a constant, live view of your expenses. It is possible to significantly save on maintenance costs simply by drilling down into each area of concern.
Getting Expert Help
Implementing a CMMS may seem daunting to implement by yourself. You may not have the in-house expertise or understanding of this complex topic.
Fortunately, there are experts to help you along the way. Get in touch to schedule a demo now.

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