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Effectively managing maintenance operations becomes very challenging and time-consuming without the right tools. Most of the businesses usually turn to maintenance software for help when they have the need to optimize their maintenance operations through the efficient work order management system or for the problems about tracking their inventories. While those are faultlessly good reasons to try out a CMMS, the benefits of a fully utilized computerized maintenance management system reach far beyond those.
An effective CMMS allows organizations to take control of their maintenance operations and find the right balance between maintenance cost and asset performance by letting operations run safely and reliably with no unplanned maintenance.
To give you a better picture of how useful CMMS can be, we’ve decided to explain why a business should invest in CMMS with 3 main reasons;

Automating Maintenance Related Activities with Straight Through Processing

As operational information is entered into the CMMS, it’s immediately available to facility managers and all employees who have access to it. This means work orders can be submitted as soon as an issue is discovered and dispatched to relevant stakeholders easily. There is no need for phone calls, paper delivery or other time-consuming delivery methods. While it helps you to improve communication between your maintenance team and improving response times, and decreasing error rates it also provides the capability of having all the necessary data in a single place.

Enhancing Reporting Capability for Future Operational Improvements with Real-Time Data

By having a central repository for all maintenance related activities having all the data in a single place, businesses got the chance to transform available data into helpful insights that lead to informed decisions and better business results. Tracking all service history and costs associated with the assets, logging work orders will prevent businesses to go through endless receipts and invoices. With the help of an enhanced reporting engine provided by an enhanced CMMS, responsible stakeholders can simply run a cost report to see where and how the budget is spent. Instead of waiting for hours or days, they can generate the report and use the cost information to identify areas that are running over budget or to make calculated decisions about whether a piece of equipment should be repaired or replaced. Or even they can use historical data to make predictions on future spending which can be used for budgeting.

Reducing Cost of Operations

Additional to the benefits listed below, properly utilized CMMS will significantly reduce the cost of operation across whole maintenance operations and lead to increased probability. With the right CMMS solutions, businesses will have the capability to easily incorporate and automate predictive and preventive maintenance strategies that will help them to reduce equipment downtime and avoid costly unplanned shutdowns.
Meanwhile, since the maintenance department has more time for preventative maintenance procedures, many preventative maintenance tasks that are now done by contractors can now be completed in-house.
By playing a role in reducing expenditures by increasing the capacity of critical equipment through automated maintenance, CMMS can be one of your main wheels of a profit centre.
If you would like to find out more about Lena Maint and how it works in your industry, schedule a demo with our experts.

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