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If you’re responsible for field service and audit activities at your company, then you have probably wondered whether there is an easier and quicker way to get activities completed. If so, you will be excited to hear that field service audit is becoming a much more efficient process with the ability to use data more intelligently, through the help of technology. Whether you are working in retail stores, coffee shops, gas stations or any other industry, it is time to see how the latest auditing platforms could transform and enhance your field service processes.
Field service and audit activities have traditionally been completed with paper and pen, taking a lot of time and then getting filed into a folder. Now field service platforms are available to make the auditing job quicker but also to improve data accuracy and enable faster decision making and real-time monitoring. This means that critical business decisions are more informed, and reports can be quickly and easily generated at any time.

Powerful platforms with a huge range of features

Technology is enhancing important activities of business operations such as online sales, marketing, and training employees, field service now has specialized platforms to boost business performance. More and more fıeld service departments and auditors are turning to technology to leverage the many improvements and opportunities that it can enable. Field service agents and auditors can conduct audits using a tablet or a smartphone, which not only saves time but also provides the ability to capture richer data. This is where Lena Field takes to the stage, an impressive innovative platform specifically for field service.

Lena Field

There is a long set of features that come with Lena Field. With the powerful tabled based flatform, field service agents and auditors can benefit from features such as:

How these features can transform your business

The ability to capture and upload pictures provides an extra element of information and instead of spending time writing a long description about a physical problem like damaged stock or premises for example, a simple photo can quickly show all the important details.
The platform also makes it easier to manage staff that are based across multiple locations, enabling task management and performance management through an online solution, rather than needing to make phone calls or visits to delegate work to employees.
Instead of spending time collating and comparing all of the data in individual store reports each month, the automatically generated reports allow you to quickly view performance or other key insights for all stores in one report. This makes it a lot quicker for management to make critical decisions or react to issues immediately in order to prevent further consequences of the issues. For example, it could flag stock level issues that would be seen in real-time so the stock control team could quickly place the necessary orders, reducing the length of unavailability and lost sales.
The document import/export feature is also very handy to store all of the relevant information in one place and have the option to export from the software to be used in other ways, such as conducting performance reviews with staff.

Rule Designer feature

One of the most popular and powerful features of Lena Field is the Rule Designer feature, which enables businesses to design their own field service and audit flow and create a visual representation to ensure the audits are performed correctly and are fully compliant with the relevant regulations.
If you would like to find out more about Lena Field and how it works in your industry, book a demo with our experts.

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