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We are proud to announce that Lena Software has been awarded the 'Process Simplification' award at BP Turkey's annual 'Contractor Awards' ceremony. With our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Field Service Management solutions specifically designed for the oil & gas sector, we have digitized BP's central organization, field supplier and contractor management processes, thereby streamlining workflows.

CMMS and Field Service Management applications are of critical importance in the oil & gas sector. These systems optimize facility maintenance processes, increase the efficiency of field operations, and thus reduce costs and improve operational effectiveness. Consequently, Lena Software's innovative solutions in these areas have played a significant role in enhancing BP Turkey's operations and services.

With BP Turkey's use of our Lena Flow, Lena Field, and Lena Maint products, contractor management processes have accelerated, and the efficiency of operations has increased. This success motivates us to continue producing innovative and efficient solutions. This award is proof that we will continue to achieve even more successes in the future.

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