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How to Optimize Productivity of Employees on the Field

The productivity of employees is one of the biggest drivers behind any successful business. When your business operates with mobile employees, it is harder to track how well employees are performing and how productive they are being, unless you have the right technology solution in place.

A study has revealed that using apps and other software has seen a 34% uplift in employee productivity. It also showed that department specific software could improve one person’s productivity by up to 60%.

With these kinds of figures, it makes sense for businesses to invest in mobile field software and when you look into the full capabilities and benefits of such technology, you will see that there are even more reasons to implement it. These include:

Removal of paperwork and reduced administrative efforts

Field service operations are traditionally done by filling in lots of paperwork but with digital solutions, this could all be completed online. This is not only better for the environment; it is also a better way to collect data and there is less chance of it getting lost. Some admin tasks can even be completed automatically, for example if a worker needed to update their location, this could be automatically tracked.

Streamlining of workflow management

The digital solutions available also enable you to organise workflow in a more streamlined way, allocating work and having a clear view of what has been completed and what is still outstanding. This removes the need for you to send your team their work instructions through email or other methods, saving time along the way.

Improved resource management

The data that is collated regarding workflow and productivity levels will help you to make better decisions around the required amount of resources to get the workload completed. It can also highlight where areas need to be improved and helps you to compare the performance of one person compared to another, with evidence that can be used in performance discussions, if necessary.

Other ways to boost productivity

Whilst using mobile field software is the most effective way to boost the productivity of employees on the field, there are some other solutions that can also be adopted, including:

There are plenty of ways to try and boost productivity to ensure that a business continues to grow and be successful, but field service technology solutions such as Lena Field are proving to be the most effective and will further evolve to provide even more benefits in the future.

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