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Nobody wants their employees or co-workers to get harmed. But, all too often, health and safety only become a business priority after something terrible happens. Believing in everyone's competence and that everything will be alright is one thing; not taking action to prevent accidents is another. 
When we think of potentially dangerous jobs, the things that come to mind are usually field services. The reason is simple. The field is very different from the office. Sometimes engineers are required to work at heights, operate in the heat or lift heavy objects. All of these bring additional challenges and added risk to the task. The ILO (International Labour Organization) announced a disproportionately high accident rate in the construction industry. So, how can worker health and safety be improved by digitally managing operational activities, work distribution, and employee tracking?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely prevent occupational accidents, but adopting the practices we mentioned allows you to increase the safety of both your employees and customers. 
Contact our expert for more detailed information about Lena FIELD, an comprehensive field service management software (FSM).

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