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Inventory is the bread of butter of many businesses and effective inventory control is a critical part of any inventory-heavy businesses’ ongoing success. Traditionally, managers have used pen and paper to track all their inventory. As businesses and economies grew, inventories also grew along. Spreadsheets and paper-based systems can no longer efficient to track them, as they can’t catch up with the speed of the growth. Plus, it is impossible to collect that data when there are manual processes in place.
In today’s world, real-time information is also becoming more important than ever -particularly when things go wrong. Managing inventory effectively is often tricky, especially when you’re going through a period of rapid growth. With professional field service management on mobile and tablets, companies can have greater tools required to perform field service tasks.

Streamline Inventory & Asset Management

One of the biggest value-adds professional field service management solution can provide is to be able to accurately collect critical information for the inventory in the field and boost the power of the inspections.

Many organizations often don’t have updated inventory data in real time which makes it hard to keep track of everything and have the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions. This results in a significant amount of time that could be better used elsewhere in the business. That wasted time and these seemingly small inefficiencies can also add up to a big financial cost because inventory information is not up-to-date. 
With professional field service management solution like Lena Field, businesses gain the ability to count and track all the inventory and streamline inspection activities on the field with tablets and smartphones. This allows businesses to see their parts inventory in real-time and collect critical information for store & vendor performance analysis to boost the power of the inspections.

Mobile Tools for Field Inventory Inspection

The transition to mobile applications is also significantly improving field inventory inspection practices. In most cases, field teams are on the floor and in the field, where they need real-time, from-anywhere access to information, such as whether a part is in stock. It wasn’t long ago where business have used Wi-Fi-enabled laptops bolted down in trucks to communicate, which prohibits field teams from walking around with the device and requires them to track information on paper and re-enter it into the laptop.
In today’s digital age, tablets are providing an affordable, reliable mobile option. A solution like Lena Field gives the convenience of conducting inspections and audits digitally, anytime and from anywhere — it also provides significant time and cost savings.
Being able to plan, execute and manage field services just by using a tablet or a smartphone empower the field teams to be more efficient.
Mobile devices also help businesses to increase speed, support field teams more efficiently and avoid human error by eliminating manual processes and paper systems where information is easily lost or entered incorrectly.

Final Considerations

When deciding how to launch your professional field service management program and which mobile devices to use, ask these three questions.
A comprehensive professional field service management solution offers cost and time savings. It gives you the accurate data on your operational efficiency and get the chance to boost the power of your inspections by tracking assets & inventory in real-time. But the biggest benefit is fewer errors and more visibility into the condition of your inventory.
Get in touch with us today to find out more about Lena Field.

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